11 Secrets To Properly Freezing Produce #5 Is Great Advice

How often do you throw out frozen veggies or fruit?

It can be quite disappointing, grabbing for that bag of frozen strawberries and discovering they are all mush now.

Or what about freezer burned carrots? Those are pretty awesome, right?

Into the garbage they both go and a lot of what you saved on the front end is now wasted.

Wouldn’t you like to know the tricks to having beautifully crisp and colorful vegetables right out of the freezer? ¬†Even after they were frozen for a couple of years?

You get the idea. These tips can save you quite a bit of money over time, and you avoid being bummed out grabbing that bag of frozen mush. Go check out the 11 secrets provided by Design Mom and the contents of your freezer will be of improved quality from this point on.

11 Secrets To Properly Freezing Produce


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