12 Awesome Tiny Homes & Tiny Home Plans for Preppers [SLIDESHOW]

Check out these extraordinary designs for affordable tiny homes.

Tiny homes are all the rage with the millenials who are looking for ways to live a more free life. This can mean being free from a mortgage, and it might also mean being free of major commitments.

Sometimes the tiny homes are portable too.  Didn’t these used to be called mobile homes or motor homes?

Classy Tiny Home

Preppers are also very interested in tiny houses for similar reasons but mostly living a simpler, self sufficient life on their own remote piece of land that is sustainable and private.

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Of course building a tiny house can mean many things and the possibilities are endless.  In the following article from Prepperology you will be presented with a slideshow of 12 unique, not so ordinary tiny homes that still carry a very reasonable price tag.

See which of the 12 tiny home designs is your favorite.

Get ideas for your own dream home all on the next page!

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