30 Things you should have in your Medical First Aid Kits

Having a properly stocked medical first aid kit could save a life someday.

As a prepper you have likely though a great deal about living without the conveniences of modern life someday. After all, there may be no access to medical care like we have grown accustomed to.

But have you prepared for the every day type emergencies that can also mean life or death? Sometimes we can overlook the needs we might have even if life does go on somewhat normal.

So please make sure you have an emergency first aid kit that can work for you today. Have a kit in your car, and at least one in your home.  If you have a bug out location, cabin or other secondary place be sure to have one there as well.

Then the next discussion is what belongs in the medical kit?  There are a lot of scenarios to consider such as loss of blood, preventing infections, various acute or chronic needs that may require medications, and so forth.

For your best list of what to stock up on for your first aid kits go to this article from Off Grid Survival…

30 Things you should have in your Medical First Aid Kits


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