40 Items To Barter In A Post-Collapse World – Are You Ready For This?

Cash has been king for a long, long time.  It seems likely that this cannot continue and that it is when, not if.

So will you have any experience with bartering?  Have you even thought about what it might be like trading everyday but vital items with your neighbors and others in the community?

When the economy collapses, you had better have the essentials on hand for you and your family.  That would include the obvious things like food and drinkable water, shelter, methods for producing energy and heat. But also consider that there are other slightly less important items you should be stockpiling now and often so that they can be used to barter for other necessities that you maybe are unable to acquire or produce.

40 Items to Barter

Since we have to start somewhere, and we need to get started right now with no delay, here is a list of 40 important items that you should be stockpiling now (provided by www.backdoorsurvival.com) and why these items are the most important to concentrate on.

Read the list, memorize it, and get to work.

40 Items To Barter In A Post-Collapse World



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