9 Survival Antibiotics #8 Is The King Of Antibiotics Get It Now

When there are no more pharmacies or clinics, what will you do when there is an illness?

Nasal or ear infections are pretty common. We are so used to getting antibiotics for this and that and the other. Now what do we do?

You need to think long and hard about this one. Sure, prepping by stockpiling foods, firewood, and personal toiletries are an easy thing to figure out.

How can you know what medicines might be necessary to ward off serious or chronic illnesses?

Get busy now and think about what medical conditions are the most common and what drugs help you overcome them? You need to start stockpiling a serious supply of antibiotics and do it now. This could take awhile after all. Some of these items are by prescription only so there is some challenge to this.

Here is a terrific source to help you get started. It lists the 9 items but also goes into great detail on what the medication is used for, the symptoms to watch for, warnings for how to use them and not use them, shelf life and more…

The 9 Best Survival Antibiotics

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