Are You Ready For Looters? – 9 Steps To Keep Looters Out

Will you know how to defend your property during an emergency?

You may have been working on becoming self sufficient on your property.  But have you thought much about defending your property when we do have economic collapse or some sort of serious emergency?

You need to start doing this now.

Here is a great starting point for you. Read the following article from Bio Prepper, and get the 9 essential tips you need to consider if you want to keep looters away from your home and family.

You may live in a part of the country where this has just never been an issue before.  The types of emergencies and disasters we have experienced in the United States have almost always been regional or local in nature.

Next time might be different. We have so many economic and social issues today that could lead to a nationwide collapse and over 99 percent of the population is not at all prepared for this.

You are likely preparing your family by growing your own foods, stockpiling goods and products you would need in an emergency, and doing what you can to survive without being on the power grid.  Now it is time to get the advice you need to defend the property and family you cherish.

Follow the article and begin your plan today.


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