Bug Out Shelters In Any Shape Or Size – How To Build Dirt Cheap Structures With Concrete Canvas

Build a waterproof and fire proof bug out shelter in 24 hours.

The structure you build will completely protect you from rain, wind, moisture, bugs, wild animals, and who knows what else.

Pretend you are a sculptor and turn this unique new age material called concrete canvas into whatever you envision.

A very resourceful company has come up with a unique product that utilizes this new material and these guys really had to think out of the box to come up with this idea.

They sell these air and moisture tight bags of the material along with instructions. Follow those instructions and within 24 hours you can have your off grid hardened shelter ready for use.  You could even camouflage it so that it might go unnoticed deep in the woods.

There are endless possibilities for these concrete canvas shelters. Check out the video and watch these guys build one just using the special bag and a few other “ingredients”.


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