Build This Cozy Cabin For Under $4000

Why are you waiting to build your cabin or bug out?

Most of us dream about that cabin in the quiet woods. Maybe sitting on acreage for hunting, or by a remote lake or stream.

Or you are anxious to start working on a bug out plan.

What are you waiting for?  The financing is the likely issue.  If you could get it done without a mortgage and for just a few thousand dollars would you do it?

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Courtesy of STHF Preparedness, there is a very detailed Mother Earth News article with plans, materials and the know how for building a basic but solid and functional cabin for $4000.

For such a price the possibilities are endless.  The cabin you always wanted. Hunting shack. Shelter for your bug out location. Even a guest quarters at the homestead if you need extra living space for low cost.

The plans are for a 20 foot cozy little cabin. Get the full details on the next page!

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