Build Your Own Dew Collector Greenhouse: Grow Crops Without Water

This greenhouse is like no other greenhouse ever created. It’s amazing design protects its crops from the elements and allows ample sunshine for growth. But that’s not all it does.

Do you live in a climate where water supply is limited, there isn’t much rain but you would still like to grow your own food for self sufficiency?

Until now, you have been pretty limited with your options.  Obviously a garden needs watering.

The new greenhouse has solved this problem.  Your garden can grow without any substantial rainfall or hand watering if you have it inside this structure offered by an organization called Roots Up.

The original intent for the product was to provide a new tool for growing crops in depleted African nations but imagine the possibilities for preppers that happen to live in desert areas of the southwest United States?

This is an amazing concept and product, be sure to check out the demonstration video!

Design A Dew Collector Greenhouse






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