Emergency Survival Shelter – Basic Skill To Save Your Life [SLIDE SHOW]

Would you be able to build an emergency shelter in the woods?

This might seem like a basic skill but until you actually go through the exercise of building a shelter you will not understand the various issues that need to be addressed.

Not to mention that if you do this for the first time AFTER the SHTF, your stress level is going to be a lot higher than it is now.

Plus, there may be other people counting on you in an emergency to get protection from exposure and quickly.

So we recommend that you spend the time and energy getting to understand the basics for building an emergency shelter with just the tools you would have on you if something happened for real.

Follow the link below and get a real life look at a make shift emergency shelter being built, what issues come up and how each obstacle is addressed along the way.

Emergency Shelter DIY | Basic Survival Skills


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