EPA Starting Bans On Wood Heat In Homes

Growing Trend Towards Communities Banning Wood Burning For Heat.

The “Nanny State” mentality continues to expand.

At some point it will just be necessary to ignore their new rules and regulations. After all, in this case there are numerous communities all over the United States where wood burning is a must for survival.

Natural gas obviously cannot be made available everywhere, and coal burning is outlawed in much of the remaining areas.

In some cases local, state or federal government agencies do make decisions based on what is best for us but often the regulations put in place are just not realistic. Or in other cases, new rules are implemented for the purpose of keeping us dependent on resources that are controlled by big business and/or government agencies.

Do you have a wood stove or fireplace? What would you do if regulations were passed that bans you from burning wood on your own property?

Check out the full details of wood burning bans in the following article from Off Grid News…

A Ban On Heating Your Home With Wood? It’s Happening

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