Government Intensifies Persecution Of Gardeners In Attempt To Criminalize Self-Sufficiency

The unconstitutional attack on property rights could prevent you from your desire to be self reliant.

Planting a garden in your yard might land you in jail or you could be subject to fines for violating various ordinances or regulations.  Gardens are such an eye sore to the community you know.  Plus, how dare you use water supply for something as trivial as growing tomatoes when your neighbor needs that water for their golf course like yard or the swimming pool?


Stupidity continues to be backed by law enforcement in various communities around this nation and this article gives us a taste of what is going on, and what the trends are as our government at all levels continues to attack those of us believing in self reliance (which counters their objective to have us dependent on their programs).

If everyone did have at least a small garden think of the money that would be saved. Think of the improved health we would experience as a society as we become less dependent upon processed foods and GMOs for that matter.

Yet there is a definite trend toward criminalizing residential gardens in some communities and every time one of these rulings is allowed to stand, the closer this insanity gets to your own backyard.

Please read about this, and think about what you would do in this situation…

Government Intensifies Persecution of Gardeners in Attempt to Criminalize Self-Sufficiency

photo credit: spring vegetable garden via photopin (license)

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