Homemade Flea Powder Made Of 4 Powerful Ingredients

Stop using flea or tick repellents that are full of bad chemicals.

You do not need to bathe or dowse your dog or cat in those nasty, toxic repellents ever again.

We found this “recipe” for a natural flea and tick powder from Primarily Inspired. They modeled the formula after a very popular and effective store bought product and the results have been amazing.

Why make the flea powder when you can purchase it in the store or online? You can save a ton of money that’s why! If you have an actual infestation then you will need to spread the stuff in bedding areas and you can go through a lot of product before ridding the place of all fleas in particular. Ticks of course are a bit easier to eradicate.

Follow the link below and get the exact formula for this highly potent but safe flea and tick powder that you will always want to keep on hand.

Homemade Flea Powder

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