How To Build A Wind Powered Water Pump – Download 6 Steps And Video Instruction

Powering your water pump with a secondary energy source is critical whether you are off grid or not.

In the old days it was commonplace to see windmills dotting the landscape, and most were built to power the property’s water pump.  This is how people could draw from their well without having to pump by hand.

It is important for you to get back to this basic method for drawing well water.  Or you could use this method to draw from a pond or creek if that makes sense for your property.

There is an interesting article from Instructables that details the construction of a windmill, water pump combination so the property owner could effortlessly pump water from his pond.  A video shows his struggles and successes, and you will be able to follow the 6 steps to complete the project. He is utilizing mostly bicycle parts and some scrap pvc for the materials.  Check out the photos, the 6 steps and instruction video to see what problems he had along the way and see if he ultimately was able to make the pump work to his specs.

Picture of DIY Wind-Powered Water Pump

Picture of Wheels and Gears

See the assembled wheel and gears that were used, plus the instructional video, on the next page.

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