How To Cure Bacon In Just 7 Days Step By Step [VIDEO]

Everyone loves bacon so why not learn to cure your own?

But this has to be a complicated process that is just not worth the trouble, right?

Amazingly, it is not complicated at all. It just requires knowledge that has been largely lost over the last couple generations. Knowledge plus a little patience and that is about it.

This could be an important skill to master if you intend to eventually live off the land and raise your own pigs. With this ability to cure your own bacon, you could potentially trade that skill in a bartering situation.

But the main reason to do this is, well again who doesn’t love bacon? ¬†And wouldn’t you like to know how your great grandparents did this?

Watch the video and see the step by step details for curing bacon in 7 days time.  Pretty simple, just takes 4 ingredients.

Go to the link provided below by Homestead Lifestyle and see the video now!


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