How To Desalinate Water During A Crisis [VIDEO]

Drinking water is becoming scarce in many parts of the world.

Drought is in the news daily. Look at the problems in California. But the depleting sources of fresh drinking water should be alarming to us all.

We can’t rely on government to solve this (obviously).  The good news is each of us can use some common sense and a little ingenuity to have all the fresh water we need.

Did you know it is really quite easy to turn salt water into fresh drinking water?  A distilling process, if done correctly, will turn saltwater into an unlimited water resource for you and your family.


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Any government solution costs billions of dollars and usually never works efficiently.  Yet we can do this ourselves for just a few dollars and some knowledge of physics.

Isn’t this the very definition of self-sufficiency? We think so.

On the next page, find out how you can distill water efficiently with a $20 investment!

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