How To Make A Refrigerator Root Cellar – Know The Right Way Or You Will Fail [VIDEO]

Build that root cellar quick and easy for little cost!

Root cellars were commonplace in “the old days” and then over time we all became dependent upon refrigeration.

Not only that, but it became so convenient to get what we needed, when we needed it from the grocery store…

What the heck would we do if the lights went out? And the grocery stores closed down?


Even if by some miracle it does not get that bad, it is still a good idea to have a cold storage option. Especially if you are growing much of your own food. Do you want to enjoy your surplus for many months instead of just for a week or two?

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It just makes sense to do what our great grandparents did. Build a root cellar!

Now, this can be a major effort that takes weeks of planning and a good amount of money. Or you can find an old refrigerator for free and re-purpose it as your own DIY easy peasy root cellar.


Continued on the next page, get the complete instructions by watching the video!

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