How To Prepare Acorns For Human Consumption

You can’t just pick up an acorn off the ground and eat it. Well, you could but you wouldn’t want to.

We doubt many people realize that acorns are safe to eat, and highly nutritious, but only if you know how to prepare them. And this is a multi step process that you may think is just not worth the effort.

But think proactively here. Would it not be prudent to know how to do this just in case you are in dire straits for food and especially protein sources someday?

So we recommend following this article from and at least try the process and perfect it so you can replicate it again later. Then, once comfortable with the process why not start hording the acorns.  Now is the time to do this.

Also further down into the article you will find out that oil from the acorn is a highly valuable product that just might interest you further.

Acorns: The Inside Story

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