How To Set A Broken Bone Or Treat A Dislocated Joint

Could you help someone who has just broken a bone?

Most of us can figure out a little basic first aid, but setting a broken bone or popping a joint back into place? Could you do this in an emergency?

In most cases when there is an emergency, one cell phone call or a quick drive to the emergency medical center and the problem is addressed by the professionals.

Of course that is the best course of action, but what if you are in a remote area with no medical facilities? What if your cell phone is dead?

Or what if society has broken down and medical care consists of only what you can do for yourselves and the people around you?

So maybe all of us could use some training in this area. ¬†Get the information you need tucked away just in case. In the article link below, James Hubbard, MD – “The Survival Doctor” has the steps laid out and all the tips you will need to be mentally prepared to help someone with a broken bone or dislocated joint.

How To Set A Broken Bone Or Treat A Dislocated Joint


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