In Wake Of Paris Attacks, Obama Plans To Accelerate Syrian Migration

How should Americans respond to Obama’s insanity?

Even France gets it now. The French President Francois Hollande has promised a “merciless” response against radical Islamists after his country endured the worst terrorist attack in decades.

The EU nations have been accepting waves of Syrian refugees for years and in recent months there have been many clashes between very different ways of life. Many of the Syrian migrants refuse to recognize western laws or society.

There had been fears of allowing ISIS and other terrorist group members into the nations of Europe along with the large number of migrants.

Now those fears have been realized with an exclamation point.

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So as various leaders of nations in Europe declare that they will take no more, what do you suppose President Obama is doing in response to yesterday’s attack?

Find out in the WND article below. Prepare yourself.


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