Where can you buy .22 shells these days? Is there really a shortage and how long will it continue?

You have to wonder… could this be a conspiracy? The feds are always looking for ways to usurp the American’s right to have and use firearms.  And there certainly is some evidence of manipulation…

Think about it. The .22 long range rimfire cartridge is popular, ammo is cheap to manufacture and so are the firearms. So if manufacturers can make these cheaply and profitably then why are they no longer readily available?

Maybe it has something to do with government agencies buying and stockpiling this particular cartridge even though they don’t use them?


Read this excerpt from the Green Bay Gazette (Wisconsin has severe shortages of the ammunition)…

I knew widespread ammo shortages began soon after President Obama won the November 2008 election. Many people rushed to buy guns and ammo, believing the new president and Democratic majorities in Congress would enact sweeping laws to outlaw, confiscate or restrict handguns and semiautomatic firearms…

Eventually, the panic eased and ammo manufacturers caught up and restocked those larger centerfire rounds. But nearly seven years after President Obama’s first election, top ammo manufacturers like Federal, Remington and Winchester are still cranking out .22 LR rounds at maximum production capability.

And yet they still can’t keep .22 shells on store shelves nationwide. Part of the challenge is that the .22 LR rimfire is the nation’s most popular cartridge. It’s relatively cheap, it’s fun to shoot, and everything from handguns to single-shot rifles to semiautomatic military-style carbines are chambered for it. In fact, some say the .22 LR rimfire is twice as popular as the most popular centerfire cartridges, and possibly twice as popular as all centerfire cartridges combined.

When the .22 LR shortages continued long after other ammo scarcities abated, the manufacturers soon tired of refuting Internet-spawned conspiracy theories that “explained” the problem. Among those theories:

■ The Department of Homeland Security was stockpiling .22 rounds.

■ Liberal anti-gun millionaires like Mike Bloomberg and George Soros were stockpiling .22 ammo to keep it “off the street.”

■ Survivalist groups were stockpiling ammo, believing it would be the most valuable currency once American society collapsed.

■ The last company to smelt pure lead was shutting down, causing a shortage for .22 slugs.

■ Ammunition manufacturers created the shortage to drive up ammo prices.

So whatever the reason or reasons might be, the supply pinch continues. The versatile .22 rifle or easy to conceal hand gun is going to continue to be a practical choice for small game hunters, recreational shooters, and freedom lovers nationwide. Knowing this, be sure to buy multiple boxes every time you see them on the shelf.


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