Save Big Heating $ With Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

Reduce heat loss by 50% by applying bubble wrap as window insulation this winter!

Do you have older windows, or single pane windows that are leaking your money literally out the windows?

Here is an easy and cheap DIY way to cut your heating costs. Instead of getting those expensive 3M insulation products, why not use bubble wrap to get the job done?

This is a great homesteading idea too. Your homestead or farmhouse may not have the most modern windows, so this idea can save you a lot of money on heating costs.

Follow the link below to Build It Solar and get the step by step instructions on how to get this done quickly and cheaply. This actually looks easier than those window insulation packages you can buy! Want another huge bonus? You can remove this in the spring without wrecking it, so you do not have to re-purchase all of the materials again the next year!

Go save some money right now.

Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

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