SHTF COMS: Emergency Communications When Disaster Strikes Be Ready

How do you plan to communicate with friends and family when Internet is down and cell phones stop working?

Analog landlines for telephone are pretty much non-existent today. The vast majority of Americans rely on their cell phones, emailing and Internet for all of their communication needs.

What if they stopped working? Have you developed a plan yet for you and your family?

This is a very important task that you need to take on as soon as possible. The ability to communicate during an emergency, whether temporary or permanent, is going to be critical for survival.

The following article from Off Grid Survival is an excellent place to get yourself ready. Inside you will learn what methods of emergency communication are available, how to acquire the equipment and the training you will need, and as a really terrific bonus this article gives you a complete list of channels available.

Believe it or not there are frequencies that allow you to communicate directly with other preppers. Wouldn’t that be great information to have with you?

SHTF COMS: Emergency Communications When Disaster Strikes

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