Smoked Turkey Brunswick Stew – Never Waste Leftover Turkey Again

Revive that leftover turkey and save it from the back of your refrigerator!

In just 2 hours you can turn that leftover bird into a scrumptious smoky stew that will warm your heart and your stomach.

Oh yeh, and your family will fight over this until the last drop. Would that be happening with the leftover shreds of turkey in the tupperware container?  I think not!

Brunswick Stew originates in Brunswick County, Virginia and the recipe came to be out of necessity. Afterall, leftover squirrel, rabbit or other wild game needed some help the second time around.

Same thing goes for that formerly plump and juicy turkey that is now all flat and going stale in the frig.

What else can I say to convince you? You need this recipe, it is amazing and you will never waste leftover turkey again.

Smoked Turkey Brunswick Stew

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