Homesteading has become an obsession for many.  It is easy to get caught up in this glorified idea of the perfect escape from society. Yes, we all know how important it is to start preparing. Just ask yourself, is buying land and starting the process of getting off the grid going to really, truly simplify your life? Or will it invite more stress and anxiety to the seemingly unlimited supply you already have?

Consider taking small, deliberate steps that will eventually get you that place in the country where you can live the dream. Start by looking at all that stuff you have and at the same time evaluate your debts.  If you do have a good amount of debt and monthly payments, has all this spending made your life any simpler?  Nope.

If you could start to systematically eliminate those debts would this simplify your life? You bet it will, but only if you do it the correct way.

If you think getting some land and joining the homesteading crowd is going to solve your problems, think again! Living off the land is hard work. It can also be hugely stressful if you are already struggling to make ends meet.  It takes time and a steady source of cash to make that property the way you want it.

So the point is do what you can to simplify your life first, before you add on the challenges of following that homestead dream. Follow the advice found in this article from Homestead Notes and take the right steps forward to living the simple life!

Read full article in Homestead Notes – steps to a simple life without debt.



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