Texas warns Obama: No Syrian refugees here!

Obama is attempting to accelerate the settlement of Syrian refugees in the United States.

This is the case AFTER THE PARIS ATTACK.  Some refugees began showing up in a few states just 2 days after the attack in Paris where at least 127 people were killed by self proclaimed ISIS radicals.

Today the Governor of Texas released a statement telling the White House that no more refugees from Syria would be welcome.  Texas had previously committed to assimilating several thousand of the refugees along with California. With Texas halting their cooperation, other states are quickly following suit.

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This news story is quickly unfolding as the people, various state Governors, the FBI, and presidential candidates are weighing in on how the United States must now respond. This is a tragedy for the French people, and it also is a warning to all western nations.

What do you think we need to be doing?

To find out more, continue reading on on WND.

Texas warns Obama: No Syrian refugees here!

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