The Real Reason Why Raw Milk Is Illegal What Do You Think?

Raw milk is illegal in many states and in most places it at least cannot be sold commercially.

So what is wrong with raw milk, and what does raw mean?

Raw simply means that the milk has not been heat treated or pasteurized. If you are buying raw milk then you are getting the liquid as it was originally intended. Untreated milk is still alive with all the natural enzymes and nutrients that the baby cow would be getting. As a bonus, drinking raw milk will help boost and maintain a healthy immune system as well.

So why is raw milk banned in some places, shunned in others?  The answer may lie with the FDA and its health standards or it might instead have something to do with the dairy industry itself.

Find out more by reading this article that explores the real reason for making raw milk illegal.  Will this information make you want to stay away from raw milk in the future?  That will be up to you.

The Real Reason Why Raw Milk Is Illegal



photo credit: Dairy Cow via photopin (license)

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