Where Will Your Bug Out Location Be? – Top 5 Bug Out Locations Revealed

There are 5 best places for bugging out. Do you know where those locations might be?  Test your knowledge and then plan accordingly.

Of course your decision on where to bug out is going to be influenced by family and possibly job concerns.  But if we can look beyond those factors then we have to consider the following:

  1. Finding a bug out that you can defend or better yet, keep it secret from the masses.
  2. Abundant supply of fresh water and food supplies.
  3. Low population levels, somewhat remote.
  4. Area is not in a zone that is prone to natural disasters.
  5. Cities or government facilities that are potential nuclear strike targets need to be very distant.
  6. Climate should not be too extreme.

None of the above criteria would matter though if you chose a location that is hundreds of miles away and you are unable to get there when the panic begins.

Top Bug Out Locations

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