Winter Emergency Car Kit Includes Special Kind Of Flashlight

Why do some emergency items not work well in the car?

Here it comes, the cold weather and bad roads that ultimately lead to breakdowns.

Everyone needs to have an emergency kit in their car or truck, but this is especially critical for winter driving in climates where roads can become hazardous and blustery winter weather can take its toll on you and you car.

Some of the items you need with you for survival are obvious, but some are not. ┬áIf you follow the advice in the article from Hoosier Homemade then you will have a great list of what you need and don’t need in the car.

You also need to think about what items might be great to have available but can often fail you after being stored in the car for extended periods.

Common sense mostly but with a few twists, so check out the link below so you can be better prepared for driving this winter.

Winter Emergency Car Kit

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