Work on this 1 hour per day to power entire home – See why this could change the world

Perfect solution to powering your home while completely off the grid.

Heck, you can use this world changing invention to power everything that requires energy and put the power company out of business!

This is really a thrilling idea that has been transformed into a viable product.  This product could provide energy to homes around the globe in areas that are in desperate need of low cost, reliable energy for survival.

This is also the absolutely perfect solution for those of us wanting alternative power sources to get us to be more self sufficient.

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What is this product?  It looks like an exercise bicycle but this is special.  An entire home can have power to spare for every one hour work out on the “bicycle”.


Go check out the full details in the article from Off Grid Quest.

Watch the demonstration video as well. Be amazed and start thinking about the possibilities.

An hour every day workout can power your home for twenty-four hours

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